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I grew up in paradise. Not only with two loving supportive parents, and a loving family, but in one of the very best countries in the entire world – Sweden. Every possibility was open to me. Education was free. Even if I didn’t get a job I would be supported. I could work – not because I had to – but because I wanted to.

These are the feelings I had. Trust towards our people, country and authorities.
Security, physical, economical and regarding healthcare.

Things began to change, and the change was slow and seemingly justified at first. Much like Hollywood seems to think that gender and race-swaps alone justify a movie disregarding the story. Simplicity being preferred over moral complexity. How things appear, look and exterior attributes over deeper meaning.

In the same way, relating to reality gave way to wishful thinking. We stuck our heads in the sand and refused any deeper analysis.

“I want you to panic” – Greta Thunberg – a Swedish Person

You should be wary of making generation affecting decisions based on primal fear without taking into consideration the complicated reality. Reality will be coming knocking on the door. Sooner or later, it will hold you responsible.

We now have increasing corruption, worsening health care, a military that can no longer defend our neutrality, ridiculous energy prices and a violent crime rate- increasing without equal on the European continent.

There was no need for that. We only needed to open our eyes, but we didn’t.

We have dismantled our nuclear energy production, only to suddenly realize that we actually needed that energy infrastructure -that we planned for and built long ago.

Who would have thought.

Well now we’re actually spending our resources rebuilding what we just had.

It is insanity. Or possibly the return of sanity.

Generations can build something up, that can be destroyed, seemingly over night.

I don’t know if Sweden can ever become what it was again. Nostalgic dreams as well, aren’t grounded in realism. But maybe it can become great again – not the same – but great still, if we take decisions for or future, while taking into consideration – reality.

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