I’ve been blissfully devoid of headaches for most of my life. If I got one, there was always a reason for it. And that reason was most likely – I hadn’t drunk enough water. This changed however as I was holding the line in a stressful work in Gothenburg, where I was working in psychiatry. […]

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What’s the best fluid you can drink? Water probably ranks pretty high on that list, many other drinks include extra kilocalories that we just don’t need. But this one provides a lot of extra taste and freshness, with almost no effort. The vitamin C will also help absorb iron in your diet. Ingredients 33cl of

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Every life – a tragedy?

There are people who take their lives. There are people that leave us too early. There are people who failed at everything, and freezes until death takes them in winter, under a dirty, much too thin blanket. Tragedies for sure. But won’t we all surely face our own tragedy? At the end of the road

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Sweden today

I grew up in paradise. Not only with two loving supportive parents, and a loving family, but in one of the very best countries in the entire world – Sweden. Every possibility was open to me. Education was free. Even if I didn’t get a job I would be supported. I could work – not

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The perfect and the ugly

The make-up of things have started to unnerve me. It started to annoy me. If you look at an Iphone, it’s sleek and beautiful. If you open it up, it’s messy chaos. A gleaming sportscar. Under the hood it’s all grime. The human body, even a female breast consists of fat slime and blood. A

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